Every year a lot of Dutch people look forward to Christmas time: a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, snow, warm beverages, family and friends and a lot of fun. Maastricht is a place where you can find this Christmas spirit before Christmas time, as they have a Christmas market for the full month of December. This market is visited every year by nearly a million people from several countries.

This market is the perfect place to buy gifts for or visit with your sugar baby. However, even when shopping isn’t your passion, there is a good chance that you will have a great day at the market.

strongFerris wheel
For the full month of December, you will have the unique chance to see Maastricht city from above. The Ferris wheel is decorated in gorgeous LED-lights and will give you at least one spin (but possibly more) to enjoy this unique view. The admission charge in €5 a person.

Skating rink
For the first time since the existence of the Maastricht Christmas market, there will be a skating rink. It is 900 square meters. You can bring your own skates or rent them for a small rental fee. If you are not keen on ice skating, there’s a lovely heated patio where you can enjoy a hot chocolate milk whilst you look at all the people slipping away on the ice.

Dickens village A part of the market is dedicated to the Maastricht history of (old) skills. This copy of an old Christmas village will be lit up beautifully and consist of several demonstrations of the old skills. For example the professions chandler, wood worker and baker.

Hungry after a wonderful day at the market? Go try out some Dutch mini pancakes (poffertjes) or check out the restaurants.


Other activities

Are you not at all in a Christmas mood? Maastricht is still an amazing city to enjoy together. They have a rich history, lots of shops and even ancient caves to visit. The Maastricht’ area nature is also wonderful to visit, it even consists of several wellness centers. All in all a wonderful city to see together, whether it is for a daytrip or a weekend away.